Producing Quality Miniature Herefords
We are a small ranch located in the middle of Nebraska with a passion for breeding, raising, and showing Miniature Herefords. 
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Shows & Champions
Splitt Creek Ranch is a proud promoter of the Miniature Hereford Breed.  We Strive to produce the best and have been successful in breeding several Champion and Reseve Champion cattle in multiple divisions.  
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Why Miniature Herefords?
  1. Small Size
    Their small size makes all the difference in the world! It means small cuts of mean, small feed bills, and smaller acreage needed, and frankly, less mess.
  2. Health Conscious
    As the public becomes more health conscious, they want more natural meat. With the miniature you can grow your own meat in your very own backyard. You know what you are consuming. With the smaller size, one while animal will fin in a family freezer.
  3. Hobby Animals
    You may also choose to market miniature Herefords as hobby animals or they make excellent show animals for all levels of competition. The smaller size makes them easier to handle for adults or kids. .
  4. Docile Temperament
    Their docile temperament allows them to become pets or you can treat them as a secondary income. This again is what makes them such great show animals. The smaller size makes them easier to handle for adults and kids.
Our Affiliates
Splitt Creek Ranch is in the business not only to grow our own business,
but to help others do so as well. We are pleased to introduce to you our affiliates, The Kids Ranch and KGS Ranch 
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