Meet the Family

Professional Miniature Hereford Breeder





Judy Splitt is the owner and operator of Splitt Creek Ranch with the help of her son in law and daughter, Shaun and Kily Brott. Splitt Creek Ranch started as one big open prairie bought at auction located in the middle of Nebraska, north of North Platte. It has now been dotted with a home, numerous outbuildings and shops, barns and corrals all surrounded by pasture ground and hay fields. It all started with 3 heifers that that were felt to be the best foundation they could afford. The breeding program has now been expanded to produce Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Lines. We have worked hard to produce beef that is thicker and chunkier in appearance with the sweet temperament we can handle.  Our numbers have gown so now we can offer something for everyone.  We have champion stock as well as just good Hereford breeding stock.   


It is truly a family affair, for years we have had the help of family and friends.

Marty and Cherri Lashley

Colton and Cameron Lashley

Nathan and Rachel Lashley