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Splitt Creek Ranch is a small family operation that has been raising registered miniature Herefords for 23 years. Located in the heart of Nebraska, our cattle are all natural, horned and polled.  Small framed. We take pride in raising our cattle responsibly and ensuring their health and happiness. Our focus is on providing high-quality breeding stock and exceptional customer service. These are a few of our female champions from our first in 2002. 

MaKayla (1).jpg

2002 Santa Fe  

2004 SSR Mickayla

2005 SSR Kimberly


2006 SS Miss June.

lady (2011 royal.jpg

2011 SS Miss Lady

2010 SS Miss Hilton

2009 SS Miss Bea

2009 SS Miss Paris

Haley (3).jpg
Hairetta KC13.jpg
Maddie denver.jpg
winnie ne s fair 2015.jpg

2013 SS Haley

2015 Miss Maddie

2015 SS Miss Winnie

2012 Miss Haley

2019 Mikayla junior champion Louisville.JPG
Bandi mid america 2022 (1).JPG
Basal Hereford Heritage 2020.jpg

2020 SS Miss Bandi

2018 SS Miss Monique

2019 SS Miss Mickayla

2020 SS Miss Basal

ziva backdrop amerillo.jpg
basal jr national.jpg
Betty lou.jpg

2022 and 2023 thank you to the Sears family for putting Splitt Creek Ranch back in the winners circle.   It takes more than a great animal it takes so many other factors to get the buckle. 

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7357 North Buffalo Rd

North Platte NE 69101

Shaun Brott Ranch Manager  Owner Kids Ranch 


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